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DGN Workplace Initiatives LLC

Build a Better Working Environment Today
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DGN Workplace Initiatives

Build a Better Working Environment Today

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NBI Distinguished Faculty Member

2023 Outstanding Faculty Award Winner

Minimize Risk & Maximize Employee Engagement

DGN Workplace Initiatives LLC strongly believes services such as training and DEI initiatives are huge opportunities to create the best possible employer-employee work environment.

We recognize this requires that employers and employees take a leap of faith.

We earn that trust by collaborating with clients to create effective, meaningful, and lasting solutions that not only minimize risk but to also enhance employee engagement.

DGN Workplace Initiatives LLC draws from extensive experience when working with employers to support the creation of their infrastructure, manuals, policies, pay practices, training, DEI initiatives, audits, and investigations. In fact, we often work directly with the human resources team. All too often, organizations do not realize the true value of HR, viewing it as a cost center. With our support, HR can be viewed as a profit center.

Positive Cultures Build Positive Perceptions

Founder David Gabor spent many years representing employees and employees in litigation, handling more than 200 cases as a mediator. He learned that whenever an employee files a claim of harassment or discrimination, or an agency charges an employer with unlawful pay or employment practices, the employer loses. This is true, even if the employer prevails in litigation. This is true because of the cost in legal fees, disruption to the business, negative publicity, impact on morale, harm to employee engagement, and unwanted turnover. From the employee’s perspective, there might have been discrimination, harassment, or unequal pay.

DGN Workplace Initiatives LLC was formed with a simple goal in mind – support organizations to foster the best possible employer-employee relationship. It is our belief that investing in strengthening an organization’s team, building a positive culture, and creating a positive perception is critical to success.

Our mission is to help organizations and individuals work together to eliminate discrimination and harassment.

Contact us to learn more about how DGN Workplace Initiatives LLC can assist your organization.

“David conducted a Discrimination and Harassment training for our organization. We collaborated on the material prior to training to make sure David had a full understanding of our culture and objectives for the training. David was entertaining and utilized relatable examples to engage the audience throughout the one-day program.”

Kristin Lopes

HR Manager, XCM Solutions
“At the four venture backed companies I have been a part of over the last 20+ years, I have worked with, hired and fired countless employment attorneys and HR consultants. Though I can be very discerning in the HR help I receive, Dave has certainly lived up to my high expectations. Dave was an instrumental part in designing and implementing our anti-harassment policy and program well before the #metoo movement and I am very proud of the environment he helped us build at Yesware. Though I cannot take credit for bringing Dave into Yesware (that was at the suggestion of a great HR manager we had), Dave is one of the few consultants/service providers I would insist on bringing with me at my next company.”

Christopher Sarno

2C Advisory
“David’s enthusiasm, expertise and willingness to help our efforts to change the culture of a professional networking organization to make it more diverse, equitable and inclusive have made a real difference, flowing from his sincere desire to bring positive change.”

Alfred A. Gray, Jr. and Judy Rakowsky

Co-chairs of the DEI committee, ProVisors New England
“David has been a wonderful resource. He shares a breadth of knowledge pertaining to all HR- related general and legal questions. David is personable and truly cares about his work, and the clients he works with. He has assisted me on many occasions and has provided our leadership team with essential discrimination/harassment training. David has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.”

Cristin Tagman

HR Manager, The Learning Center for the Deaf
“I have known David Gabor for ten years. Over those years, David has assisted our firm, as well as several of our clients, with best practices in the areas of preventing sexual harassment, making the workplace safe, equal pay audits, and with various topics around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. David is both very informative and approachable, and I know that our clients have enjoyed his very engaging demeanor; in fact, several have called to thank me for the introduction.”

Jim Carnevale, Esq., CEBS, CFP®, AIF®

Partner, Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group